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Business Model

Our business model is designed to address the economic imbalances in the world.  We intend to shift the balance of wealth within our organization, the businesses and ventures we are involved with to our people by providing ownership opportunities and jobs and wealth building strategies.

In order to succeed or even compete in the world today, with change occurring constantly all around us at a speed never experienced before, requires a dynamic business model.  Our concept is to design and structure each entity/project with the best team possible by partnering with our major stakeholders, our employees and form a team working relationship that benefits all parties and makes a far better, more effective, more competitive company by raising the bar with all the participants plugged in and turned on. The second part of the equation is to over-deliver value.

We intend to enter markets with a “unique marketing advantage.”  Regardless of the business or industry, our goal is to come with two things that set us apart – we will have the best team and we will always over-deliver value.

This concept is based on addressing some of the inherent problems facing all businesses and especially small business.  Labor, in many instances is the single biggest problem facing businesses.  Finding good people that want to work and stay on the job, especially when the wages are low and they have no or limited benefits can be a nightmare.  This business model basically is designed around partnering with our stakeholders, the employees and all working together at a very high level to start with and to constantly strive for improvement.


Design of Each Structure


  • It has to be a great place to work, a fun culture that people are proud to be associated with.



  • It has to be designed to not only compete, but to succeed in the marketplace by being “Best In the World” at what we do.


  • Designed with an Integral Vision – a more all inclusive way of seeing and fitting all the pieces and parts together.


  • It must be designed to share the wealth – no exorbitantly high salaries - no one falling through the cracks and opportunities offered at every level.


The strength of CLP inc is in the Business Model (our team).  In football terms, we are going to design and build every entity into a “Super Bowl Winning Team” that repeats every year.  We have build the foundation around timeless business and human relations principles and parameters.  We build each business or business entity the same way with each sharing the same basic components of:


  • Integrating the “Best Business Practices” into the business plan from concept, structure, through legal, accounting, financing, operations, reporting, information technology, sales, marketing, human relations and all other aspects of the business.
  • Determining and implementing what we can be “Best in the World” into our marketing plan which develops into our “Unique Marketing Advantage.”


  • Putting a great team of people together - the right people on the team, the wrong people off the team and the right people in the right positions.


  • Designing a “Great Place” to work and be associated with because we have built it around the needs of our people first and have integrated the structure into the marketplace.

At the end of the day, when it is all said and done, we intend to position ourselves to give us that “Unique Marketing Advantage” in the marketplace - when all things are equal, by virtue of putting the best team together and over-delivering value, we intend to be the clear choice.  We are committed to putting out the “Best Team and to over-delivering value . . . . . period!


Core Competencies

Real Estate
Property Management

Sales & Brokerage

Online Sales & Marketing   
Web Site Development
Online Marketing
Web Site Management
Web 2.0 Social Networking

Business Services
Mergers & Acquisitions



- Membership Network
- Owner/Employee/Team Member within our Business Network
- Investor – Real Estate or Operating Business
- Business Opportunities

    • Team Member/Partner in a Business within our Network
    • Network Marketing


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