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Core Ideology


Our Core Ideology is the statement of what our company stands for and the purpose it exists, beyond making money.  This never changes.   It is a given that we will make money.  We cannot grow or be successful in this venture without being profitable.  Our Core Ideology is the fuel that feeds this fire. . . . . because it is the right thing to do!

In his book Good to Great, on page 193, Jim Collins writes a chapter on Core Ideology:  The Extra Dimension of Enduring Greatness.  During an interview with Bill Hewlett, he made the following statement; “As I look back on my life’s work, I’m probably most proud of having helped create a company that by virtue of its values, practices and success has had a tremendous impact on the way companies are managed around the world.”  The “HP Way,” as it became known, reflected a deeply held set of core values that distinguished the company more than any of its products.  These values included technical contribution, respect for the individual, responsibility to the communities in which the company operates, and a deeply held belief that profit is not the fundamental goal of a company.


We are committed to always operating at a higher level - a higher vibration – striving to be constantly be setting the bar higher.


“Always A Positive Vibration”
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