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Founding Principles, Parameters & Components

We are a “Principle Based” company as opposed to a company based on the “Rule of Law.”  The foundation of CLP inc is a combination of great ideas and concepts put together in entities that are built to last and to be sustainable.  These ideas are in the form of timeless business and human relations Principles and Parameters that make up the framework and the components of our ventures and of our Business Model.  Our intent is to structure our efforts around theseDNA ideas in a way that is all inclusive and sustainable for all the stakeholders.  We believe that by designing around these Principles and Parameters will allow us to build great business teams that will last. 

Principles and Parameters are the fundamental doctrines, characteristics and elements that we have designed our structure, our operations and our moral & ethical standards around.  Rather than set up a lot of rules and regulations (the rule of law) that can tend to be restrictive, stagnating and negative, the origin and the nature of our endeavors are principles and parameters.  These provide us with positive underlying fundamental truths of what we are about, how we will operate and how we will design and structure our ventures.  It allows us a more flexible inclusive approach to alignment with the way things and people are.


The Way Things Are

There are certain things in the world that are constant and will never change.  Our approach is to deal with these things as an integral part of all of our efforts and to change and improve in areas we have the ability to in our ventures.

Change is Constant One thing that we know is that change is constant and it affects everything we do and it is happening at speed never experienced in the past.  For this reason, dealing with and planning for change is an integral part of all planning, implementing and ongoing development of our ventures.

Total DiversityThe people of world are totally diverse - east to west, north to south, the people of the world, each of us are different.  This encompasses differences in racial or ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, philosophy, physical abilities, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic attributes, behavior, attractiveness, cultural values, politics, education or economic status.  It’s all of us, it’s who we are, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Pareto Principle (80-20 Rule) - The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes. Business management thinker Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that 80% of income in Italy went to 20% of the population. It is a common rule of thumb in business; e.g., "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients – 20% of the sales people produce 80% of your sales, etc." 
One of the key factors driving our efforts is the fact that the wealth in the world is aligned with the 80-20 rule and this is an area that we intend to change within our network of businesses and business entities to more equally distribute the wealth.

Structural Parameters & Components

Although all of our projects and ventures are different, the foundation and structural components are approached and designed with the same principles and parameters to insure consistency with our Business Model, our Core Ideology and our methodology.

Design - Design is a process and is at the foundation of every object or system we put together.  Our approach to design is integral, combining the goals and tasks associated with the use we are designing for, along with the needs, wants and limitations of the users of the system, entity or object we are designing.  Design is used to tie our principles together with each project and with the entire network of entities and people that we are putting together.

Integral Approach - The strength of an integral approach can best be captured in the following; According to the Integral Institute, Inc., Integral means comprehensive, inclusive, balanced and embracing.  When it comes to human beings, integral means maps, models, and practices that include the full spectrum of human potentials, often summarized as “exercising body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature.”

Although there have been many integral models offered over the years, the most comprehensive and up-to-date is often referred to as AQAL, short for “all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types or simply ISO, Integral Operating System, developed by Ken Wilber and his associates at the Integral Institute. www.integralinstitute.org

An integral approach allows us to see things from many different aspects and perspectives.  It is a process that is a more inclusive way of designing, creating, balancing and aligning our ventures by considering more elements in each structure that will affect results for all stakeholders.

Principle Based One of our principles is that we are principle based.  The origin and the nature of our endeavors are principles which provide us with the underlying fundamental truths of what we are about, what we will work around and how we will design and structure our ventures.

Equal Rights & Justice Peter Tosh said in his song “Equal Rights”  “Everyone is crying out for Peace, but there will be no Peace until man has Equal Rights and Justice.”  Equal Rights & Justice is a principle that we intend to design into each of our businesses, projects and ventures, and is part of our Culture.

Sharing the Wealth – Our businesses will be designed to share the wealth with our stakeholders; our employees, our investors, our subscribers with 10% of our net profit going to world issues such as hunger, homelessness & poverty.  This includes paying living wages, health care and retirement through employee stock ownership and investment opportunities.  We will not pay good but not exorbitant wages at the top in order to insure that there is balance and alignment at all levels of wages for each of our business.

For Profit - This is the world we are in and to make this idea work, this is where we need to be.  Although we may have a non-profit arm, to make a difference, to raise the bar, we have to be playing in the game everyone else is in and be better at it.

Private – We are very particular about what we are about how we want to operate and we do not want to be structured in any way (public) that would make us vulnerable to attacks such as stock takeovers.  Private companies being networked together gives us the flexibility we need in sharing the wealth with our stakeholders.

Limited OwnershipThe idea of limited ownership is to prevent, by design, any person, groups of people or any entity from taking control by accumulation of stock.  We have designed a course for this company and we don’t want the course to be changed by the influence of money or power that conflict with our Core Ideology.

Built to Last – In their book Built to Last, successful Habits of Visionary Companies, www.jimcollins.com first published in 1994, Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras asked: “What makes the truly exceptional companies different from the other companies.”  They set out to discover the timeless management principles that have consistently distinguished outstanding companies.  We have used many of these principles in designing the organizational traits of our companies.  This is a business that is built to last and to continuously grow.  Our quest is to constantly refine our business model, in order to take care of the people inside it and to provide positive solutions for the people of the world and the problems we all face.  We intend to elevate the bar.  This is not a business that will be “flipped.”

Best Business Practices – Although our Core Ideology is about what we stand for over and above making money, this idea will not work unless we do make money.  The foundation of every deal is designed around all the vital components and parameters necessary to insure profitability.  These include but not limited to: a business plan, a marketing plan, the structure, accounting, financial, reporting, operations, information systems, people and planning.  We intend to start at the highest level and constantly progress from that point.

Networks – One of our key concepts is to tie people together through networks.  Our businesses will be tied together in a network along with our memberships will be part of the network.  By design, our networks will tie people together by what we have in common world wide – a “Universal Law of Attraction.”  We are looking for people with a Positive Attitude, people that believe in these principles and our Core Ideology and people that Respect other people. 

TransparencyA lot of companies talk about it, we intend to deliver.  Our company is built around high principles including trust, honesty and character.  We are asking and encouraging people to spend money with us to help with our endeavors.  In order to give trust and confidence to those people that are joining us we intend to publish financials on our site thru the member log-in.  We want to show the money that is coming in and where it is going.  We intend to over-deliver value for our stakeholders as well as our customers.

Debt Free Our goal is to be debt free in all our ventures.  There are times when debt is necessary.  Generally speaking however, without debt, we increase our liquidity, increase our financial strength, allowing us greater flexibility with our growth to give our stockholders a more reliable secure return.


Making Things Work for People - Best Place by Design – “Best in the World” designation is not for just competing in the market place, we also want to design it to be the “Best Place” to work.  The reason is that we are designing around the needs of the people as a first priority.  It has to be a good deal for everyone involved starting with the workforce.  By structuring ventures this way in the beginning we are eliminating one of the biggest ongoing problems employers face, finding good people to work.  By designing the best place in the beginning, we believe we will get the best people.


The People – Who Are They?

This entire idea and effort is based on the goodness of people.  When you think about it, there is no greater source of renewable energy than the “Human Spirit.”  In these days when negativity abounds, we intend to come to the table with a positive message and positive proof of the message through the success of our businesses.  Using the 80-20 rule, we believe that a minimum of 80% of the people of the world have good intentions and want to do the right thing.  Life circumstances can affect peoples situation and their actions, but that does not necessarily change who they are. 

We all have a free will, regardless of who we are or what we do.  We are looking for people to join us that are willing to use that free will to believe in our Core Ideology, Respect other people and bring a Positive Attitude.  That’s it, you bring your skills and gifts to the table along with Belief, Respect and a Positive Attitude and we will build great teams that will make positive changes in the world through our network of businesses and people.

A Culture Within Our Culture – Regardless of where we live or are located, we all live in the “Culture of the world.”   This business is designed to “create its own Culture” within the one we all live in now.  That Culture starts with our Core Ideology and bringing that Positive Attitude and Respect for people.  This is something that we can control by sticking to our principles and parameters.


The Right People – In Jim Collins book “Good to Great” he talks about business that make that move, and one of the key elements is “getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus and getting the right people in the right positions.”  We only ask three things of people, 1) believe in our “Core Ideology” and 2) always treat people with Respect, 3) bring a “Positive Attitude.”  We want to tap the worlds greatest natural resource, “the human spirit.”

Teamwork & Unity – Working together toward a common goal is what this business is all about.  Getting people together that, believe in our Core Ideology, have Respect for other people and are willing to bring it Positive , “A Positive Vibration” will occur.  By putting the best team together and working together towards a common goal, we will elevate the bar.

RespectRespect and how you treat people is a choice you make.  Respecting people for who they are not what they are or what they have is what this culture is about.  Within our network and within our businesses, our standard is to treat all people with respect regardless of our differences.  To raise the standard, we intend to set the goal high and it starts with our treatment of all people.  By raising our values and our value systems, we will constantly operate at a higher and more productive level. (see Spiral Dynamics Integral)

Positive Attitude – Your attitude is a choice you make.  Our slogan or tag line is “Always A Positive Vibration,” and we could not be more serious about that.  The world is full of negativity and we are all barraged with it daily and we all know the destructive effects of having negative undertows in the work place.  Positive people working together with a common vision can accomplish spectacular things and that is the standard we adhere to.

One Love – This is the standard we have set as a human relation principle for all interactions with people.  “One Love,” the song made famous by Bob Marley & The Wailers from their 1977 album Exodus, is really the essence of our dealings with people.  In the Christian Faith, Jesus said it best; “love one another as I have loved you.”  We are a people of diversity world wide.  Regardless of what ever ones spiritual belief is, loving one another and treating people with respect is a universal law for working together and getting along with people at a high level, and it is our standard. 

Ideas, Innovation and Creativity – No person has a corner on good ideas, they can come from anyone and anyplace.  Our Culture encourages Ideas, Innovation and Creativity.  When you combine the individual skills and gifts of people on a unified positive team working together the synergism is incredible and great things can happen and be accomplished.

Law of AttractionWe believe in the law of attraction which says that likes attract likes.  That really is what this network is all about – getting people together world-wide that believe in the same things and that want to make a difference.  The law of attraction is the foundation of our networking and internet marketing efforts.  Additional resources about the law of attraction can be found at Impact Marketing, Inc. and at www.attraction-lead-systems.com 

Bringing your Gifts – Each of us have unique gifts, talents and skills that we bring to the table and make us who we are.  Our culture is designed to provide the tools, the education, the training and the outlets to develop and enhance these gifts on both a personal and professional level.

Bringing Your Baggage – We realize that each of us drags some “baggage” with us.  This can be mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, addictive behavior . . . .  whatever . . . . . and it can be at various degrees from “no big deal” to “it affects your work.”  The Culture we are designing encourages self improvement and provides a positive atmosphere along with the tools and resources to work on personal growth and development.  Baggage, if it isn’t dealt with can prevent each of us from, as the US Army ad says, “Being the Best You Can Be.”


It Has To Be Fun – It’s one thing to have an innovative approach to things, but if it isn’t fun and rewarding, who will want to be involved long term?  By design, we want to create a “Great Place,” that will stay a great place.  We want this to be a place that people are proud of and look forward to coming to work.  If it isn’t fun – it won’t pass the “Great Place” test.


Business Principles

To operate in the in the arena we have chosen, For Profit businesses and business entities,  we can’t be good or pretty good, in order to operate at the standard we have set for ourselves, we have to be “Great.”  We will adhere to our Core Ideology, start at the highest level with our business & marketing plan, get the Right People on the team and constantly aim towards improvement in order to operate at a level that allows us to lead and not follow.  We intend to accomplish this by bringing the best team and over-delivering value.

Elevating the Bar – This business is all about raising the bar.  We intend to raise the bar by not settling with being “Good” or “Really Good” our goal is “Greatness” – “Best in the World” at what we do, in everything we do.  This direction is our standard for all ventures.

What If? The power of possibilities.  The power is in asking the right questions.  Is it possible?  What would it take?  Could we do it?  Would it be a good fit for us?  Would it make any sense?  Is it worth trying?  How would it help us?  How much would it cost?  You get the idea – nothing is off the table as long as it fits within our Core Ideology, our Principles and Parameters.  Some people refer to this as thinking  “Out of the Box.” 

Best in the World – By Design – In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins refers to this as the “Hedgehog Concept.”  A crystalline concept that flows from deep understanding of what you can be “best in the world at” based on your core competencies, what drives your economic engine and what you have a deep passion about.  This is the perspective and the goal we are aiming at in each project that we undertake.

Over-delivering ValueThis is a concept that is frequently referred to in the online marketing industry.  It goes hand-in-hand with being “best in the world.”  This is a principle that we intend to design into each project we undertake.  We want to always over-deliver value in all ventures which will give us a clear “unique marketing advantage.”

Project Driven – When we put a business or venture together we look at it as a project.  We look at it as a whole and put together the components necessary to make it work the way we want it to.  Each project is run by a team in which every person and every position is important and works together starting with the best business practices through the Business & Marketing Plans.  Our Strategic Alliances are an integral part of the process.

Education, Training & Empowerment – One of the greatest assets we have as business is the ability to educate and to train on the job.  In our case, in addition to teaching the nuts & bolts of running businesses at the highest level, we have the opportunity to educate and train people with our methods using positive ways to conduct business and work with each other.  Our growth depends on people, and as people grow and develop within our Culture, we will empower them with education, training, greater responsibilities and leadership positions.  Our long term growth depends on it.  www.leadership-development-network.com

Leadership Development – For us to develop our businesses, we need leaders, for us to grow, we need leaders and for to make positive change in the world, we need leaders.  The world needs leaders and we are looking for people that are inspired by the ideas of positive leadership and change.  For people that choose this path, what this really amounts to is “self-help” as well as leadership development and training.  As you work on leadership development, the process encourages you to delve deeply into who you are and why you do what you do – an honest assessment – scary, but enlightening and empowering at the same time.  This can be a spiritual experience that progresses and unfolds into emergence to a higher value system - pretty powerful and exciting stuff!

The world needs positive leaders and leadership.  It is critical for us to develop leaders capable of expanding this business and our world wide efforts.  Developing leaders is integral to our growth and effectiveness as positive change agents.

In his book Holistic Perspectives and Integral Theory: On Seeing What Is, Frank J Ferendo says in Chapter 10; Integral Business and Leadership, “The strength of integral thinking and holistic perspectives is that it fosters higher orders of complexity in thinking to solve business problems and opportunities.  Integral thinking is essential to the development of business leadership.”  “Integral theory is in essence an idea, a concept, a set of instructions, and a map.  It helps us to see what needs to happen to make business work.  A holistic perspective is the result of integral theory.  Theory is just empty works unless it somehow changes someone’s perspective.”  “Using the concepts of integral theory will change the perspective of managers and leaders, which in tern will generate rewarding results.”  “Integral theory can raise the level of consciousness and awareness, thereby bringing more clarity into the world of business.”  

“The most important contribution that integral leadership makes to this field is that leaders must continually be interested in their own personal growth as human beings, including psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.  They need to work on becoming better people.  Equally important is the need to understand people.  We must work with and communicate with others at their level.  I have found that both of these ideas are the most useful contributions that integral theory adds to the thought process of any man or woman who wants to be a great leader.”    www.leadership-development-network.com

Self Healing / World Healing– There is so much hurt and suffering in the world today, caused by wars and fighting, poverty, hunger, crime and corruption, it is time for a change.  If we work together, we can make it happen.  Remember, 80% of us are Good Guys – we have the power, we have the numbers to really make it happen, to make a difference – positive change.  That is why we need to be connected by what we have in common - Positive things, not separated by our differences - Negative things. 

What if we filled our businesses with people that believe in these concepts and ideas, what if they took it upon themselves to follow the leadership path that promotes not only leadership development but self healing, what if we passed this on through our networks and our businesses, what if we elevated the bar and operated at a higher level, a “higher vibration,” could we make a positive impact?  Is it possible?  Would it be worthwhile?  Would we be leaders for positive change?  Can we really do this?  We believe that the answer is yes to all of these questions.

Spiral Dynamics Integral The book Spiral Dynamics, mastering values, leadership and change, by Don Edward Beck, PhD and Christopher C. Cowan, is described as presenting a new framework for understanding the dynamic forces at work in human affairs – not only in business, but also in personal lives, education, and even geopolitics.  Focusing on cutting-edge leadership, management systems, processes, procedures, and techniques, Spiral Dynamics synthesizes changes such as increasing cultural diversity, powerful new social responsibility initiatives, and the arrival of a truly global marketplace.

The book and body of work by Beck and Cowan www.spiraldynamics.net  and www.humanemergence.org  was initiated by Claire W. Graves, PhD, in the 60’s, with his theory called “The Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory” (ECLET).  Graves said; ”Briefly, what I am proposing is that the psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent, oscillating, spiraling process marked by progressive subordination of older, lower-behavior systems to newer, higher-order systems as man’s existential problems change.”

Spiral Dynamics “Integral” (based on Ken Wilber’s All Quadrants: All Levels: All Lines Schematic 4Q/8L) is the approach we have chosen to help us understand why people think how they think, do what they do and the effect of their life conditions as we work towards making positive changes for people world wide.  The more knowledge we have about people, the more effective we will be in designing our ventures as they relate to our stakeholders (us), to our customers and to how it all fits into the world.

Multiple Income Streams  The concept of multiple income streams is a wealth building strategy for many people that spreads the diversity of income sources as well as the risks by operating in different industries and fields.  During economic downturns like we are experiencing right now, if your only source of income is tied to one industry such as the auto industry or the commercial real estate industry, you could be experiencing some serious economic problems.  Designing diversification into our business growth is a way to avoid relying too heavily on a particular industry and getting caught during businesses downturns.

Strategic Alliances  According to Wikipedia, a Strategic Alliance is a formal relationship between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need while remaining independent organizations.
Partners may provide the strategic alliance with resources such as products, distribution channels, manufacturing capability, project funding, capital equipment, knowledge, expertise, or intellectual property. The alliance is a cooperation or collaboration which aims for a synergy where each partner hopes that the benefits from the alliance will be greater than those from individual efforts. The alliance often involves technology transfer (access to knowledge and expertise), economic specialization, shared expenses and shared risk.
We believe that in today’s business environment Strategic Alliances are both necessary and critical to success and are an integral part of all of our efforts.

 Social Entrepreneurs  According to Wikipedia  “A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.  Whereas a business entrepreneur typically measures performance in profit and return, a social entrepreneur assesses success in terms of the impact so/he has on society.”  We are really a combination of both.  In order to be sustainable in our efforts, we know that we have to be profitable.  Our efforts are to maintain profitability in our ventures and at the same time make measurable positive contributions to society.

Growth Strategy We are designed to be a dynamic growth company.  It is designed to grow in many directions as we interconnect various businesses to expand through our business model and with our core competencies.  We will grow as fast as we have the people and resources to grow with while staying true to our Core Ideology.  This process involves designing and building different businesses and business ventures, each with its own income stream and set of ownerships, all structured basically the same.  Every entity will be designed using the parameters and principles of our business model from the structure through the business & marketing plans to the staffing.  The most critical component of each entity is getting the right people on the team in the right position.  Profitability is a given, it is the fuel that feeds our efforts.

Sustainability For us the term sustainability means building to last.  We will set a course for each entity by designing them around our principles starting with the Best Business Practices.  From that starting point, we are continually looking for better ways to operate, to compete, to profit and become leaders in each industry we are in.  This concept starts with and embraces Change as a constant factor that affects everything we do.  Our approach is Integral which is all inclusive and gives us a broader perspective which combined with our efforts to constantly strive to operate at a higher level of values (Spiral Dynamics Integral) sets a sustainable course into the future.  The element that makes this work is the people.  When people believe in this concept and are committed to making it work, great things can be accomplished.

“Always A Positive Vibration”
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